· Of gerbera mesophyll globe and manufacturing method

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April 20, 1993

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An apparatus and method for detecting leaks in rubber or plastic articles such as surgical or examination gloves that, in general, are insulators against an electric current. The apparatus comprises a power source, first and second electrical leads, and structure for measuring the electrical properties between the leads. In the method of the invention the apparatus, together with an ion-containing liquid, complete an electrical circuit between the inside and the outside of the article when a hole in the article permits ions in the liquid to carry electrons through the hole. When used to test for holes in surgical or examination gloves during the use thereof or between such us as in the case of examination gloves, the test can be conveniently carried out while the practitioner washes or rinses his gloved hands under a non-recirculated stream of running tap water or flowing sterile saline solution.

· Of gerbera mesophyll globe and manufacturing method