A drying device for deodorizing and sterilizing medical bedding, etc.

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November 3, 1998

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A lotion composition for killing such viruses as rhinovirus and influenza in addition to imparting a soft, lubricious, lotion-like feel when applied to tissue paper in amounts as low as from about 2 to about 20% by weight, and tissue paper treated with such lotion compositions are disclosed. The anti-viral action of the lotion is due to the addition of an organic acid such as citric acid or a mixture of adipic acid, glutaric acid, and succinic acids. The solubilization of the organic acids within the lotion matrix and with the infected mucus is aided by the addition of such hydrophilic solvents as propylene glycol and polyethylene glycols. The lubricious lotions also contain a plastic or fluid emollient such as petrolatum, an immobilizing agent such as a fatty alcohol or fatty acid to immobilize the emollient on the surface of the tissue paper web and optionally a non-ionic surfactant to improve wettability when applied to toilet tissue. Because less lotion is required to impart the desired soft, lotion-like feel benefits, detrimental effects on the tensile strength and caliper of the lotioned paper are minimized or avoided. The anhydrous nature of the lotions also aids in the maintenance of such physical properties as tensile and caliper.

A drying device for deodorizing and sterilizing medical bedding, etc.