A laminated body of permeable and water-resistant and its manufacturing method

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<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a mask in which breath can be eased, mounting feeling is based on an ordinary mask, that can be endured to the use in everyday life, and in which the antivirus, anti-pollen allergy and chemical substance-resistant effects can be obtained. <P>SOLUTION: The mask includes: a mask body 2 with which lips of a mouth 51 and nostrils 52 of a wearer 5 are at least covered when being mounted; a pair of support strings 3 that extend from both sides section of the mask body 2 and are hung at wearer's both ears; and a filter bag 4 that is maintained in the mask body 2 and is adhered to wearer's lips 51 and nostril 52, wherein a lot of grainy (spherical) porous materials 41 are filled in the filter bag 4. An expanded polystyrene bead can be used as the grainy porous materials 41. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2013,JPO&INPIT


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