A persistent immediate local disinfectant

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a highly usable respiration assist which allows a user to comfortably breathe by supplying air of a proper humidity and temperature to the face of the user in a sleep and dispensing with wearing of the assist in contact with the face and which prevents nasal congestion and provides comfortable sleep by arbitrarily changing the attachment angle of a diffusion plate to an air supply hole according to the position of the nose of the user. SOLUTION: This respiration assist 1 is provided with a face mask panel part 2 curvedly formed along the face of the user; a panel support member 3 supporting the lower surface of the face mask panel part 2 at a prescribed distance apart from the face of the user; an air supply tube 7 connected to the air supply hole part 8 bored in the face mask panel part 2, from the upper face side; the diffusion plate disposed in the lower part of the air supply hole part 8; and a diffusion plate adjusting/supporting member 15 supporting the diffusion plate so as to adjust the angle of the air supply direction to the air supply hole part 8.


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