Publication Date

April 1, 1997

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A self contained air movement system for air purification and infection control includes an elongated upright enclosed housing including a base module, sidewalls, and an upper module. A fan intermediate the base module and the upper module draws unclean air from a room containing the system through the base module, then discharges a purified air stream from the upper module. The base module includes a downward facing air intake opening spaced from the floor. A pair of pre-filters are disposed on the base module in stacked relationship for trapping relatively large particulate matter from the entering air stream. The upper module includes a discharge grille opening to the environment with angled louvers for guiding and re-directing the purified air stream from a downstream HEPA-type filter into an inclined stream, flowing proximate to and along the ceiling of the room in which the system is located. A germicidal chamber intermediate the pre-filters and the fan contains a plurality of elongated and longitudinally extending ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamps. Because of the remoteness of the upper module from the base module, undesirable mixing of unclean and purified air is minimized. In another embodiment, the discharge grille has a first opening with angled louvers as in the first embodiment and a second opening to which an attached conduit leads to an exterior region outside of the room to thereby create a negative pressure in the room in relation to the exterior region.