Adaptive membrane structure with insertable protrusions

Publication Date

September 21, 2005

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To respectively properly and efficiently dry and sterilize a precleaned nursing bottle on the inside and outside regardless of a number of nursing bottles. SOLUTION: This sterilizer-dryer is provided with a bucket 1 for housing a nursing bottle H whose nipple part Ba is removed from a bottle mouth Ha in a standing-up state of putting the bottle mouth Ha below and in a state capable of flowing air in the nursing bottle H outside the bucket 1 through the bottle mouth Ha and an air inflow part 45 in an upper part, and is provided with a body 3 having a housing chamber 4 of the bucket 1 having an air outflow part 46 in a lower part. The body 3 is provided with a heating air supply means 5 for blowing heating air into the housing chamber 4 from an upper part of the housing chamber 4 and a bactericidal lamp 6 for irradiating an ultraviolet ray from below to the nursing bottle H housed in the bucket 1 housed in the housing chamber 4 on the lower outside of the housing chamber 4.

Adaptive membrane structure with insertable protrusions