Adjustable medical face mask fastener

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March 2, 1994

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Disinfection, viruses, hepatitis-B viruses, germ reduction, cleaning resulting in germ reduction, sulphobetaines, pyrrolidinium betaines, sulphones, hydroxyalkylsulphones, synergistic increase in action. Hydroxyalkylsulphone derivatives of sulphobetaines of the formulae I to III are used according to the invention as effective active substances, for disinfection, which can be prepared readily and economically and have an outstanding immediate virucidal and bactericidal action in particular in combination with alcohols and/or emulsifiers in aqueous solution. They can be used for the disinfection and disinfecting cleaning of hard surfaces in the medical field, for disinfection of instruments and of the skin, and have a specific activity against hepatitis-B viruses. <IMAGE>

Adjustable medical face mask fastener