Aerosol antimicrobial compositions

Publication Date

May 15, 1984

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A method for disinfecting and/or sterilizing small objects such as medical and dental instruments and the like wherein the object to be disinfected and/or sterilized is contacted with a liquid, such as an aqueous solution of sodium dodecyl sulfate and carbamide, which is substantially transparent to ultraviolet radiation and has some bactericidal activity itself, at a temperature in the range from about 0 DEG C. to about 100 DEG C. and preferably at about 25 DEG C., and the object while contacted by the liquid is exposed simultaneously to ultrasonic radiation having a frequency in the range from about 8 kilohertz to about 300 kilohertz, preferably from 15 kilohertz to 60 kilohertz, with an energy density of application from about 10 watts/liter to about 5 watts/milliliter, and to ultraviolet radiation having a wavelength in the range from about 1500 ANGSTROM to about 4000 ANGSTROM , preferably at about 2537 ANGSTROM .

Aerosol antimicrobial compositions