Aerosol germicide and dye

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October 31, 1978

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A disposable cosmetic glove is disclosed which includes an outer glove shell of lotion impervious material and an inner glove lining of lotion absorbent material. The inner glove lining is preferably uniformly impregnated with a cosmetic lotion, however, the glove may be provided with a lining which is not impregnated thereby permitting a person to inject a lotion of personal choice into the insert prior to use. In a preferred embodiment, the shell is formed of superposed layers of thermoplastic material and the lining is formed of superposed layers of fiber material. The shell and lining are sealed together by folding one of the thermoplastic layers around superposed edge portions of the fiber layers and overlapping the other thermoplastic layer. The fiber layer edge portions are preferably bonded to the thermoplastic edge portions by an adhesive deposit, and the overlapping thermoplastic edge portions are thermally fused together.

Aerosol germicide and dye