Air conditioner

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May 16, 2001

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A method and apparatus (10) for killing microorganisms in a particle laden fluid medium (11) are disclosed. This method has the steps of providing a germicidal radiation for killing microorganisms (30) and a reflectors (40) for transferring and orienting of the germicidal radiation for killing microorganisms (30); providing a secondary flow (12) of a substantially particles free fluid; the secondary flow (12) is running along or flowing across the surface of the reflectors (40) and establishing a substantially particle free barrier environment maintaining clean the reflectors (40); orienting an emission of the germicidal radiation in a parallel array of beams (32), and passing the fluid medium (11) along a path aligned with the parallel array of beams (32). The apparatus arranged so that the maximum efficiency of use of germicidal energy is achieved, energy consumption for sterilization will decrease, reliability and period between maintenance will increase.

Air conditioner