Air scrubbing system

Publication Date

February 24, 2010

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[PROBLEMS] To provide an air purifier easily installable in a room and capable of remodeling the inside of the room in an aseptic room or a virus mail coping room without deteriorating an environment in the room, a facilitated isolated facility having the air purifier, and a pneumatic transferring means suitable for the air purifier. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] This air purifier (1) used for purifying air in a specified purification space comprises a suction part (3), a purifying means (12), and a discharge part (4). The suction part (3) further comprises a sealed container (10), an intake passage communicating a hollow space (10h) with the purification space in the sealed container (10), an exhaust passage communicating the hollow space (10h) with the exhaust part (4) in the sealed container (10), a suction means (11) sealed in the hollow space (10h) of the sealed container (10), sucking the air in the hollow space (10h), and discharging the air to the discharge passage. In the suction means (11), a suction port (11a) sucking the air in the hollow space (10h) of the sealed container (10) is separated from the sealed container (10) side one end of the suction passage.

Air scrubbing system