Air treatment apparatus with a circuit operable to sense arcing

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Disclosed is an elastomeric article, such as a glove, and a process for making the elastomeric articles. The elastomeric articles include a primary matrix including one or more layers of elastomeric polymer, such as a natural or synthetic latex or a block copolymer, and a polymeric coating on a surface of the primary matrix. The polymeric coating is formed of crosslinked polymers which are crosslinked with a cationic crosslinking agent such as a polyamide epichlorohydrin crosslinking agent. The polymeric coating can be a crosslinked polyarcylate, polyacrylamide, or polysaccharise, for example. In one embodiment, the crosslinking agent crosslinks the polymeric coating to the primary matrix layer of the article, forming secure attachments between the primary matrix and the polymeric coating. In one embodiment, the crosslinking agent may crosslink the elastomeric polymer as well as the polymeric coating. In one embodiment, the polymeric coating is a donning coat on a glove and may include a suitable lubricant applied to the surface of the donning coat.

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