Air-water dental syringe with protective barrier

Publication Date

November 26, 1991

Patent Number



An improved air-water syringe for use by dentists and the like, the syringe including a body portion and a nozzle portion extending therefrom, with air and water passageways extending through the body portion and the nozzle portion, and with control buttons to regulate the flow of and air and water through such passageways. A protective barrier plate is mounted on the nozzle portion so that it can move relative to the nozzle portion in linear and angular directions with respect to the nozzle, whereby the protective barrier plate can be placed across the open mouth of a dental patient to prevent splashback while still permitting the syringe to be manipulated to locate the extending end of the nozzle at virtually any desired location within the oral cavity of the patient.

Air-water dental syringe with protective barrier