Alcohol-based wide spectrum disinfectant comprising nonoxynol-9

Publication Date

August 9, 1977

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A non-woven fabric-like material comprising an integrated mat of generally discontinuous, thermoplastic polymeric microfibers and a web of substantially continuous and randomly deposited, molecularly oriented filaments of a thermoplastic polymer. The polymeric microfibers have an average fiber diameter of up to about 10 microns while the average diameter of filaments in the continuous filament web is in excess of about 12 microns. Attachment between the microfiber mat and continuous filament web is achieved at intermittent discrete regions in a manner so as to integrate the continuous filament web into an effective load bearing constituent of the material. The material has desirable strength characteristics and possesses a textile-like appearance, drape and hand. By autogenously bonding the mat and web together in a manner so as to provide substantially uniform discrete bond regions, particularly outstanding strength characteristics with respect to energy absorption, tensile strength, and tear resistance can be achieved.

Alcohol-based wide spectrum disinfectant comprising nonoxynol-9