An air cleaning device, and means for feeding the air separation facility

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A transport hood is provided to protect conveying personnel, such as law enforcement personnel, from contact with blood and body fluids issued by a detainee. The transport hood acts as a barrier between the blood and body fluids of the detainee and the surrounding environment to protect personnel who transport, or convey, the detainee while in custody from being infected with communicable diseases, such as HIV and AIDS. The transport hood includes a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion is made of a fine plastic or fabric mesh which is transparent. The bottom portion is made of a plastic or fabric cloth which is impervious to the bacteria, blood and body fluids issued by the detainee. A first length of elastic joins the top portion to the bottom portion and gathers the top portion of the hood just below the eyes of the detainee. A second length of elastic may be sewn into the lowermost seam of the bottom portion of the hood to secure the hood around the neck of the detainee without restricting the breathing or comfort of the detainee.

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