An improved inspection techniques and from there occurs and improved optical transmission system for the same

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PCT No. PCT/GB90/01920 Sec. 371 Date May 15, 1992 Sec. 102(e) Date May 15, 1992 PCT Filed Dec. 10, 1990 PCT Pub. No. WO91/09300 PCT Pub. Date Jun. 27, 1991.Apparatus as described by which very low light levels emitted typically by very small regions such as individual cells in cultured monolayers, can be more readily detected by a detector such as a CCD detector or image intensifier. The light capturing aid is a fibre optic face plate located between the light emitting material and the detector, but not in contact with the light emitting material. Where the latter is contained on a surface such as a petri dish, the face plate is positioned between the dish and the detector with at least an air gap between the face plate and the detector.

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