Anti- virus face mask and filter material

Publication Date

June 27, 2000

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An aerosol antimicrobial composition is provided with the following ingredients: a) an anionic polymer or prepolymer; (b) a quaternary ammonium compound, the components (a) and (b) combining to form an antimicrobially effective complex; (c) at least one water-soluble or dispersible organic solvent having a vapor pressure of at least 0.001 mm Hg at 25 DEG C., said at least one organic solvent present in a solubilizing-or dispersion-effective amount; (d) an effective amount of a propellant; and (e) the remainder, water. Further is provided a novel method of decontaminating a surface fouled with microorganisms and a dispenser for said aerosol composition. The novel composition advantageously has both disinfectancy (contact efficacy) and residual antimicrobial efficacy.

Anti- virus face mask and filter material