Anti-infective and anti-inflammatory releasing systems for medical devices

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November 8, 1999

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To blow off air from a blower in a sterilized state by disposing a sterilization apparatus arranged with a dust remover in an inlet and successively disposing a drying device and the blower downstream of this sterilization apparatus. SOLUTION: At the time of installation of the blower 100, the sterilization apparatus 20 arranged with the dust remover 10 is arranged on the extreme upstream side and the drying device 30 is disposed via an air suction pipe 71b next to the sterilization apparatus and is finally connected to the blower 100 via an air suction pipe 71c. At this time, the dust remover 10 to be used includes, for example, a suction filter. The sterilization apparatus 20 includes a UV sterilization apparatus disposed with a UV sterilization lamp 21 in a hermetic case. The drying device 30 includes a refrigeration type air driver. At the time of operation, the outdoor air is first sucked into the suction filter 10, by which the duct and dirt in the outdoor air are removed and thereafter, the bacterial, etc., are completely sterilized in the UV sterilization apparatus 20. The sterilized air is dried by the refrigeration type air driver 30 and is then blown into a room by a blower 100.

Anti-infective and anti-inflammatory releasing systems for medical devices