Anti-viral pharmaceutical compositions

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July 8, 2003

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An air purifier has an air flow path with a dielectric body interposed across the path. The dielectric body may be made of, for example, quartz or alumina fibers or silica granules or sponge so that it is porous to air and transmissive to ultraviolet (“UV”) light. A source of ultraviolet light emits UV1 and UV2 light into the airflow path upstream of the dielectric body and at least UV2 light into the dielectric body itself. The UV light forms ozone. The ozone, as well as water vapor in the air, naturally attaches to the dielectric body which concentrates these materials in the dielectric body. The UV light irradiating the ozone and water in the dielectric body causes the formation of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals which assist in sterilizing the incoming air.

Anti-viral pharmaceutical compositions