Antibacterial filter

Publication Date

November 4, 1980

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This invention is directed to a head and face protecting hood which includes a cover body having front and rear walls each being having an outer layer of a laminate of non-flammable polyvinyl chloride sheet and non-flammable fiber sheet and an inner layer of adiabatic non-woven fiber sheet which is adhered to only the edges of the outer layer of each of the front and rear walls so as to cover a whole head and face. An eye facing body is provided which is adhered to the front wall of the cover body and is made of a non-flammable transparent polyvinyl chloride layer. A mouthpiece facing the front wall of body may be also provided which is mounted on the front wall of the cover body and has a front composite layer, a rear composite layer and a poison absorption agent covered with an adiabatic fiber layer disposed therebetween. The front and rear composite layers each have a first layer portion made of a laminate of perforated non-flammable polyvinyl chloride sheet and permeable non-flammable fiber sheet and a second layer portion of permeable adiabatic non-woven fiber layer which is adhered only to the edges of the first layer portion.

Antibacterial filter