Antimicrobial and antiviral compositions containing an oxidizing species

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The problem of providing a medical face mask 10 that may be quickly, easily, securely and adjustably mounted to the head of a wearer 72 is solved in a medical face mask 10 of the type having a panel 12 for covering the nose and the mouth of a wearer 72 and at least one complimentary pair of spaced apart straps 30 and 32 attached to the panel 12 and extending therefrom by the straps 30 and 32 being joined by a slidable fastener 54 forming a loop 62 comprising the straps 30 and 32 and the top 16 of the panel 12, the slidable fastener 54 holding the straps 30 and 32 in a loop 62 of desired length until the slidable fastener 54 is forcibly slidably adjusted to increase or decrease the size of the loop 62.

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