Antimicrobial barrier composition

Publication Date

December 29, 2009

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Described herein is protective apparel that improves management. The protective apparel comprises a set of spacers. Each spacer is arranged on an inner portion of the apparel and maintains apparel proximate to the spacer distant from the person, thereby preventing continuous contact between the person and portions of the apparel. Multiple spacers may form one or more air channel between the spacers, the person and inner portions of the apparel. The channels permit low resistance airflow within the apparel and over the person's body. Low resistance airflow within the channels permits air to be easily moved through the apparel to cool the person. The spacers may comprise a compressible material such as foam. When the compressible material has an elastic memory, elastic return of the material causes each spacer to return to its initial shape after a deforming force is removed. Protective apparel described herein may also comprise a buffer volume of air that allows a person to breath without incurring significant pressure changes internal to the apparel.

Antimicrobial barrier composition