Antimicrobial cleansing compositions containing 2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid

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A process for sanitizing, disinfecting, and killing spores involves providing a tangible object made from polymeric material impregnated with an aqueous glutaraldehyde solution which is packaged in an air-tight enclosure, removing the impregnated tangible object from the enclosure, and applying the impregnated tangible object to the surface to be sterilized and/or sanitized and disinfected so as to expose spores, bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms present on the surface to the action of the glutaraldehyde solution. A sanitary attachment for a receiver or mouthpiece of a telephone made from plastic material incorporating a glutaraldehyde solution. A fabric made from cellulosic or plastic material having sporicidal and/or sanitizing and disinfectant activity as a result of being impregnated with a glutaraldehyde solution. A method for sanitizing and disinfecting and/or rendering fabric sporicidal involves impregnating a fabric with an aqueous glutaraldehyde solution prior to packaging the fabric in an air-impervious container until ready for use.

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