Antimicrobial composition

Publication Date

May 28, 1991

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A protective gel composition is disclosed for coating skin surfaces, particularly the hands of the surgical attendants prior to covering the hands with standard surgical gloves. In one example, ihe composition comprises controlled proportions in mixture by weight of lanolin, a liquid silicone, polypropylene glycol mono-oleate, polytetrafluoroethylene powder in microspherical form and zinc oxide powder. Antimicrobial and anti-viral agents may be further added to fortify the coating of the composition, with a preferred such agent being nonoxynol-9. The sterilized composition is applied to the hands after scrubbing and just prior to insertion into the gloves. The coating is water-repellent to prevent skin contact with body fluids, such as blood and blood products, that may penetrate the gloves and otherwise expose the skin to harmful microbial and viral infections. When the gloves are removed following the surgical procedure, the coating is easily removed with an alcohol and liquid detergent wash.

Antimicrobial composition