Antimicrobial compositions useful for medical applications

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There is described an improved Clean Room System for use with a sterile surgical garment which includes a helmet having an inlet port and an exhaust port. Connected to the inlet port is a portable and mobile pressure filtering system for suppling filtered air to the helmet. A separate portable and mobile vacuum filtering system is connected to the outlet port on the helmet for exhausting and filtering all air removed from the interior of said helmet before exhausting the air into the atmosphere. An exhaust flexible duct is connected at one end to the vacuum filtering system and the other end is extended to a point below the hem of the sterile surgical garment but above the level of the floor. All air fed to the helmet is filtered and all air exhausted from the helmet is filtered and directed away from the confines of the garment thereby preventing reinhalation of the exhausted air and precluding oxygen deprivation to the user.

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