Antiviral and antibacterial filtration module for a vacuum cleaner or other appliance

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An elastomeric article encompassing an enclosure with an interior surface having at least two regions or zones is described. The first region has a higher coefficient of friction than the second region, in which an average coefficient of friction (COF) ratio between the first and second regions of the wearer-contact surface ranges from about 1:1.2 to about 1:3.8 or 4.0. The first region has either the same or smaller surface area than the second region, and is situated at or near an opening to the enclosure. The second region is coated with a hydrogel-based donning layer. A process of making the elastomeric article is also provided. Examples of elastomeric articles according to the invention include surgeons' gloves that exhibit good lubricity and donning characteristics, and have an improved cuff-slippage control.

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