Antiviral composition comprising glycine amide

Publication Date

February 27, 2008

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Emulsions containing a dermal anchoring/substantive agent, such as glycerin, in high concentration enhance the activity of active ingredients, such as anti-microbial agents like chlorhexidine gluconate. Kits, compositions and methods pertaining to the same are provided. The invention finds application in cleansers such as hand washes, wound cleansers, body washes, mouthwashes, surgical scrubs, etc., and lotions, creams, foams and ointments. Specifically, one embodiment of the emulsion contains greater than 30% of an anchoring/substantive agent such as glycerin and an effective amount of chlorhexidine gluconate. Additionally, the product produced by the process of combining on the skin high glycerin and an anti-microbial is described.

Antiviral composition comprising glycine amide