Apparatus and method for a bio-conditioning germicidal dryer

Publication Date

June 23, 2003

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a filter which has high virus adsorptivity and also has excellent antibacterial properties by containing noncrystaline calcium phosphate and photosemiconductor composition in a base material sheet. SOLUTION: In the filter used for an air-conditioner, an air cleaner and a vacuum cleaner or the like, noncrystalline calcium phosphate and a photosemiconductor composition are dispersedly contained in a base material formed into a sheet shape. Or, noncrystalline calcium phosphate and the photosemiconductor composition are stuck to the base material formed into the sheet shape through an adhesive. The adhesive containing a curing type resin and/or an organic solvent-soluble natural-based resin is used as the above- mentioned adhesive. A material generally used as the filter is utilized for the used base material. For example, paper such as Japanese paper and wadding paper, woven fabric and nonwoven fabric consisting of a natural fiber and a synthetic fiber or the like and a plastic foam such as a polyurethane foam having an open cell are used for the used base material.

Apparatus and method for a bio-conditioning germicidal dryer