Apparatus for killing microorganisms

Publication Date

August 8, 2001

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A component (1) made of flexible rubber and/or plastic and used in contact with human skin, e.g. a condom or glove, has specific surface areas (12) covered by a polymer sliding layer (9) with a roughened surface created by deformations (19,20). In a manufacturing process, a carrier layer (3) is produced in plastic and/or rubber by dipping a former with surface deformations. A sliding layer (9) is then applied to this by dipping, the deformations (19,20) corresponding to those(14) created in the carrier layer (3). After drying in hot air for 10-600sec, the component is dipped in or flushed with water at 40-100, preferably 60-80 degrees C to initiate reaction in the layers (3,9). During this stage the water content of the sliding layer (9) is reduced by 40-70%, preferably 50-60%.

Apparatus for killing microorganisms