Apparatus used to facilitate the donning of elastic gloves

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August 25, 2010

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To effectively remove an air pollutant in combination with waste water treatment without replacing a costly filter member by blowing off an air flow introduced from an intake port again in the atmosphere by passing through into an adsorbent of a second part. SOLUTION: Air is introduced to a sealed first part of a vessel 11 from an intake port 14, and air 16 cleaned by contacting with water of a liquid area is introduced to recessed places arranged on both sides of a plant vessel 21 via a communicating port 37 from the first part. Lip packing arranged in a fitting part of the vessel 11 and a support frame 12 forms an airtight seal for forcedly introducing the air to a cultivating medium and an adsorbent 18 via the communicating port 37. A part of the air passes between the culticating medium and the adsorbent 18 in the recessed places, and is purified while passing through these. A part of the air is purified by a root part of a plant and a microorganism 19 in the plant vessel 21. The cleaned air is thereafter exhausted from a purifier 10.

Apparatus used to facilitate the donning of elastic gloves