Aqueous disinfectant

Publication Date

October 2, 2002

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An acidic aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution is provided with improved disinfectant activity. Concentrated solutions preferably contain up to about 8 wt./wt. % H2O2 and as-used concentrations contain about 0.5% wt./wt. % H2O2. The solution also contains from 0.05 to 8.0 wt./wt. % of at least one phosphorous-based acid, e.g. phosphoric acid and/or a phosphonic acid with from 1 to 5 phosphonic acid groups, and from 0.02 to 5 wt./wt. % of at least one anionic surfactant. The surfactant is selected from C8 to C16 alkyl aryl sulfonic acids, sulfonated C12 to C22 carboxylic acids, C8 to C22 alkyl diphenyl oxide sulfonic acids, naphthalene sulfonic acids, C8 to C22 alkyl sulfonic acids, and alkali metal and ammonium salts thereof, and alkali metal C8 to C18 alkyl sulfates, and mixtures thereof. Most preferably the solution has an emulsifier and/or hydrotrope, e.g. an alkylated sulfonated diphenyl oxide salt, an alkyl aryl polyoxyethylene surfactant, and/or a polyoxyethylene surfactant. The solution may also contain corrosion inhibitors and/or lower alcohols.

Aqueous disinfectant