Automatic toothbrush sterilizer

Publication Date

September 28, 2004

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A self contained air purification pyramid shaped system and apparatus that can form up to approximately 300 cfm of air flow at high speed, that can remove allergy causing particulates, microorganisms, and odors/chemicals from the air so as to create a healthier environment. The system and apparatus can use a carbon prefilter for removal of larger particulate and odors/chemicals and gases, a UV(ultra violet) lamp for destruction of bacteria, viruses, and molds, and a hospital grade HEPA filter (approximately 99.97% efficient at approximately 0.3 microns) for removal of smaller particulate and bacteria. Air can first enter the peak of the pyramid shaped apparatus, pass through a carbon prefilter, past the UV lamp(s), through filter, such as a HEPA filter, and through a motorized impeller which pushes the air out lower sides of the apparatus. In addition to attacking airborne bacteria and viruses, the UV lamp can continually bathe the “dirty” side of the HEPA filter (the side of the filter on which the microorganisms are collected), thereby deactivating any microorganisms that have been collected and preventing bacteria/mold growth on the HEPA. The invention can be used in commercial, personal and any environment for improving indoor air quality. Embodiments can include floor supported stand, a table top version and a mount for securing to a wall.

Automatic toothbrush sterilizer