Blooming type disinfecting cleaning compositions

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A personal disinfection system is capable of providing a user ready access to a protective glove and to a towelette impregnated with a disinfectant or medicine for application to a desired surface. The personal disinfection system is comprised of a package having an upper and lower outer layer and a non-porous layer and a two-layer lamination layer therebetween. The towelette is sandwiched between the non-porous layer and the lamination layer. An outline of a glove is formed in the lamination layer and the upper layer of the lamination layer is laminated to the lower layer of the lamination layer along the outer periphery of the glove outline and an opening is formed in the base of the glove. The upper layer is peeled back exposing the lamination layer. A user's hand is inserted into the glove and the glove is detached from the remainder of the lamination layer. The towelette is retrieved and used as desired.

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