Carbon fiber filters for air filtration

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A generally cylindrical structure of rigid material is configured such that the device is capable of at least partially circumscribing at least a portion of a syringe barrel. Near one end of the cylindrical structure, the apparatus is provided with a structure for secure attachment to the base of a hypodermic needle. PAL The structure for secure attachment to the base of a hypodermic needle may vary depending on the specific structure of the apparatus and the type of needle used. In one embodiment of the device, the means of attachment comprises \"Luer\" threads on the interior surface of the cylindrical structure. Those threads, in turn, engage the base of a typical needle and the device provides twisting engagement with the needle base. PAL Using the device removal of the needle from the syringe barrel is simple and safe. The structure is simply pressed in a forward direction (i.e., away from the syringe barrel in the direction of the needle) until the needle becomes disengaged form the needle socket of the syringe barrel. Thus, the needle is removed without the necessity of encountering the needle point. In that the pushing action is relatively gentle, the needle detaches relatively slowly and has very little tendency to become a dangerous projectile.

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