Chitin derived surgical glove powder

Publication Date

October 16, 2000

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Since surgical gloves contact patients' blood and focuses, there is a possibility of infection, especially the case of Hepatitis B virus and AIDS if hands contact blood on the gloves. Therefore, a glove release apparatus of the present invention is for safely and sanitarily pulling off a glove made of a stretchable material from a hand and comprises a housing having an opening to which the hand wearing the glove is inserted, and an engagement unit for hooking an insertion opening of the glove, please near the opening of the housing. In order to pull off the glove, the hand wearing the glove is inserted into the opening of the housing and the insertion opening of the glove is hooked to the engagement unit. Then, as the hand is moved towards the opening of the housing, the glove is gradually pulled off from the hand.

Chitin derived surgical glove powder