Combined surgeon's cap, visor and protective shield

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<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a small-sized air heating and sterilizing device capable of certainly killing various kinds of bacteria or the like probably floating in a hospital. <P>SOLUTION: This indoor air heating and sterilizing apparatus for the hospital or the like is constituted so as to kill pathogenic bacteria, a virus or the like floating in a room by sucking air in the room of the hospital or the like to heat the same by a heater. This apparatus is formed so as to heat the indoor air to 200°C or higher through a heat exchanger 5 and the heater 2 and has an air storage part 3 for holding the heated air with a temperature of 200°C or higher for about 0.1-36 sec. As the heater 2, an electric heater, a heater using town gas or the like as fuel or the like is used and inflow air is heated to 240-260°C by this heater and the air storage part 3 is set to a volume of 1-5 l to miniaturize this indoor air heating and sterilizing apparatus. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO&NCIPI

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