Composition for coating rubber or latex articles

Publication Date

August 15, 1989

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This invention relates to improvements in face masks, particularly for use in preventing the spread of disease such as colds, influenza and the like wherein a select portion or portions of such mask contain a disease or viral destroying chemical or biological agent, such as an acid or other material impregnating or forming part of a portion of the mask, such as that portion which extends across the nasal and mouth portions of the face of a wearer. In one form, the chemical or biological agent is in the form of a solid, such as a coating or a multitude of particles or crystals disposed against a porous portion of the mask or an insert which is attachable to and replaceable with respect to a mask frame or holding unit. In another form, such chemical is in the form of a liquid. In a third form, such chemical is disposed within a multitude of micro capsules which are ruptured or otherwise activated when the mask is used and which dispense their contents during such use and distribute the same throughout a select portion of the mask. In a particular form, the mask is formed of a unitary sheet of porous paper, cellular plastic or non-woven fiber with a portion of the outer layer thereof impregnated with a viral killing chemical, such as citric acid, to prevent passage of viral agents either from a person using the mask or from the atmosphere.

Composition for coating rubber or latex articles