Cut-resistant polyvinyl alcohol spun yarn

Publication Date

July 9, 1991

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A welder's helmet including a panel of solar cells responsive to light generated by a welding operation to drive a fan incorporated in the helmet structure. The solar cells are mounted on the helmet above the viewing window and the fan is mounted in front of the mask below the viewing window. When a welding arc is struck, the light from the torch impinges on the solar panel and generates sufficient electricity to drive the fan. The fan forces air from the inside of the helmet outward through the front face in a velocity controlled stream carefully directed to prevent smoke and fumes from reaching the helmet, and to also blow the smoke away from the weld site in a particular manner so that visibility of the weld remains clear while not over-oxygenating the weld site. As air is exhausted from the inside of the helmet outward by the fan, fresh air is drawn in around the sides to replace that which is being exhausted to cool the welder and prevent ingestion of fumes and vapors. A photovoltaic power transmission circuit is provided to process electrical energy derived from light such as that produced by the arc of an arc welder during a welding operation.

Cut-resistant polyvinyl alcohol spun yarn