Detachable eyeglass foam shield

Publication Date

May 16, 2000

Patent Number



An eye shielding system is provided that permits a disposable, air-permeable shield to be releasably secured to the frame of eyeglasses or goggles. A shield is provided that encloses the area between the face and the frame. The eyeglasses or goggles retain lenses or an eye shield to prevent debris or contaminants from reaching the eyes, and have a frame, and temple connectors. The frame provides support for the shield. The forward part of the shield is fitted to the rear side of the frame, and is reversibly retained thereby. The shield extends rearwardly, and seals with the face of the wearer. The shield allows air to pass through it in order to inhibit fogging up of the eyeglasses, but resists passage of sprayed liquids or solids, to prevent airborne liquid or solid debris or contaminants, including those contacting the face, from coming into contact with the eyes.

Detachable eyeglass foam shield