Device and method for reducing spread of microorganisms and airborne health hazardous matter and/or for protection from microorganisms and airborne health hazardous matter

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An ultraviolet sterilization system (10) includes a shell (20) having a reflective inner surface (22) and a barrier (50) positioned within the shell (20) and spaced inwardly of the inner surface (22) of the shell (20). The space between the shell (20) and the barrier (50) defines a lamp cell (12) for holding plural ultraviolet lamps (80) and the interior of the barrier (50) defines a sterilization cell (14). The barrier (50) is supported by supports (30). Reflective endwalls (60, 61) substantially seal the lamp cell (12) from the sterilization cell (14), and the lamp cell (12) and sterilization cell (14) from the external environment. The endwalls (60, 61) include doors (62, 63). One of the doors (62, 63) is accessible from the clean environment and the other door is accessible from the non-sterile environment.

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