Disinfectant compositions comprising an orange oil mixture and methods of use thereof

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An apparatus and method are disclosed for reducing or minimizing the particulates and other contaminants which may be brought into a restricted or clean room area. The apparatus and methods include a gown having positioning elements for keeping portions of the gown in place to permit inflation of the gown, for example during an airwash, and the apparatus and methods may also include gown inflation apparatus to remove the particulates and contaminants. Apparatus and methods of the present inventions also inflate the gown not only to eject particulates and contaminants that may be entrained or caught in the gown fabric, but also can be used to inflate the gown while the operator is in an air shower. Methods and apparatus of the present inventions also provide for an improved glove to gown seal, in addition to a reduced possibility of contamination from particulates or moisture from the operator's hands and an enhanced comfort level in the use of latex or rubber gloves with the gown. These and other features and benefits of the inventions disclosed herein will be more fully understood upon consideration of the following descriptions.


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