Enclosed containment apparatus for postmortem settings

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March 30, 1994

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PURPOSE:To make molded items themselves have persistent antibacterial activity by blending watersoluble silver compound in cationic natural gum latex or cationic synthetic gum latex. CONSTITUTION:Natural gum latex is prepared by using a water solution containing various organic and inorganic substances as the dispersion medium and gum as the dispersion agent and by adding pH adjusting agent, vulcanizing agent, vulcanization accelerator, softening agent, filling agent, age resistor and coloring agent as needed. As cationic gum latex, single polymers of vinyl monomers or their copolymers may be enumerated. As an antibacterial agent, watersoluble silver compounds are used. Preferable water soluble silver compounds include silver salts and protein silver. As preferable examples of silver salts, silver nitrate and silver lactate can be enumerated. Protein silver is a compound consisting of protein and silver, preferably containing 7.5-8.5wt.% of silver. For preparation of molded item, straight method, coagulant dipping method, thermal sensitive dipping method and electrodeposition dipping method can be enumerated as examples.

Enclosed containment apparatus for postmortem settings