Face mask with enhanced seal and method of manufacturing of such a mask

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PURPOSE:To provide a handy sterilizing and infecting kit by receiving rubber globes, a laminated sheet, a first sealed body having applicators and alcohol received therein, a second sealed body having applicators and povidone-iodine received therein in a sealed packing body having an releasable opening part. CONSTITUTION:A sealed packing body 6 is formed of a transparent plastic receiving body 4 having an opening part 2 on the lower side and a nearly rectangular receiving space 3 formed thereon, and a paper-made cap body 5 which seals the receiving space 3 into airtight state and releasable state in such a manner as to cover the opening part 2 of the receiving body 4. Infested rubber gloves 7a, 7b, a laminated sheet 8 obtained by laminating paper and a plastic sheet, a first sealed body 11 having several sterilized applicators and alcohol 10 of a necessary amount for one sterilizing work received therein, and a second sealed body 14 similarly having several sterilized applicators 11 and a povidone- iodine of a necessary amount for one infecting work received therein are received in the receiving space 3, which is then capped with the cap body 5 to constitute a sterilizing and infecting kit 1.


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