Face mask with liquid and glare resistant visor

Publication Date

February 1, 2000

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A powder free medical glove having an outer side a silicon treated surface and the inside of cross linked coagulated glove bonded with a layer formed of an anti-blocking composition. The anti-blocking composition includes of a polymer or copolymer mixed together with a micronised high density polyethylene material and wax in suitable blends that result in the composition having anti-blocking and improved lubricity properties. The medical glove with the skin contacting anti-blocking coating enables donning of the glove to be effected without the aid of donning powder such as starch powder. When the finished glove is washed and rinsed with water to remove the coagulant powder, and the said glove treated with a silicon solution, a glove substantially free of loose powder glove is produced and has good lubricity for donning.

Face mask with liquid and glare resistant visor