Filter and air filter

Publication Date

November 13, 2012

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A guard to prevent direct touch contact between an individual's hand and a handle or a contact surface of a door to which a pushing or pulling force is applied to cause the door to open. According to a first preferred embodiment, a hollow cylindrical core is moved into removable surrounding engagement with a door handle. A plurality of protective strips are laid one above the other in a roll that surrounds the core. According to another preferred embodiment, a plurality of protective strips or coverings are disposed one above the other in a stack that is attached over a pushing surface of the door. Successive ones of the plurality of strips and coverings can be removed from the roll or stack and discarded following use. One surface of each of the strips and coverings is treated with a layer which includes a mixture of adhesive and microbicide. The layer of adhesive and microbicide enables the plurality of strips and coverings to be adhesively bonded to one another while discouraging the growth and spread of potentially disease-causing bacteria.

Filter and air filter