For medical gloves restraint

Publication Date

August 30, 1994

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A skin shield device for protecting users (to include caregivers and patients) from accidental needle stick or puncture (hereinafter needle stick). The skin shield device is to be used by users who are removing a needle from an subcutaneously implanted vascular access device (hereinafter port) injection area (hereinafter site). The skin shield body is comprised of a substantially flexible annular disc with finger tabs and a central shield opening. The finger tabs are used to apply pressure at a port site. The pressure at the port site is to secure and stabilize the port site for safe needle removal. The central shield opening is slipped over and around a needle to surround and stabilize the port site. Once the central shield opening is in place around the site, pressure is applied downward by a user's fingers applying downward force at the finger tabs. The downward pressure causes the shield body to stabilize the port site during needle removal. The port contains a rubber septum into which injections are made. Needle rebound results when a needle binds against the port's rubber septum upon needle removal from the port. The shield body is of sufficient thickness to be resistant to needle penetration. The resistance to needle penetration protects a user from accidental needle stick in the case of downward needle rebound. By applying pressure at the finger tabs, a user's fingers are kept away from the port site during needle removal, and keeping a user's fingers away from the port site decreases the risk of accidental rebound needle stick.

For medical gloves restraint