Glove with integrated antiseptic absorber

Publication Date

February 22, 2011

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Systems and methods are provided for monitoring one or more patients to ensure compliance with required hygienic procedures and/or to ensure only authorized persons are allowed to attend to such patients. One system includes detectors that may be sequentially activated as a person approaches a patient. Activation of the detectors, in sequence, causes a signal to be transmitted by a controller. If the person is wearing a monitor and has complied with the required hygienic procedure, the monitor transmits a responsive signal to the controller that is encoded to indicate such compliance. If the person is either not wearing a monitor or the monitor does not transmit an appropriate responsive signal, the controller can provide a warning signal and cause a violation of protocol to be recorded. The system may include a portable sanitizer that is capable of functioning as a monitor. The systems and methods do not, however, require monitors worn by health care workers or other persons. Sensors may be associated with a hospital bed and/or a patient.

Glove with integrated antiseptic absorber