Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with increased activity

Publication Date

June 4, 1991

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A device is set forth defined by an upper angular mouthpiece including diametrically opposed flexible projections positioned on opposed edges of the mouthpiece for grasping by teeth of an administrator of the device. A first conduit is orthogonally oriented relative to the angular mouthpiece directed to a convex abutment skirt for engagement and positioning of a victim's mouth during use. A replaceable filter is removably mounted between the upper conduit and the skirt. A lower conduit in communication with the first conduit and filter and axially aligned therewith is of a generally arcuate \"L\" shaped configuration tapering downwardly to a lower opening. A modified filter for use with the invention includes a flexible squeeze bulb with a conduit associating the bulb with a filter, wherein the squeeze bulb includes a rupturable diaphragm containing a germicidal fluid therewith for directing the fluid onto the filter prior to use of the device. A further modified device includes an aspiration bulb of a generally pear shaped configuration formed with a tapered forward surface and a forward outlet for positioning within the mouthpiece to enable directing of pressurized air from the bulb through the first conduit, filter, and lower conduit into a victim.

Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with increased activity