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Adsorption filter material (1) with an integrated protective function against particles and/or aerosol and biological and/or chemical pollutants, comprises biological and/or chemical warfare agents, and additionally a particle and/or aerosol filter layer (6), preferably particle and aerosol filter layer; where the adsorption filter material exhibits a multi-layered structure (2) comprising a base layer (3), adsorption layer (4) that is preferably fixed to the base layer and a cover layer (5) that is on the side of the adsorption layer, which is turned away from the base layer. Independent claims are included for: (1) a safety equipment of all kinds, particularly for the civilian or the military application, preferably safety wear such as safety suits, safety gloves, safety footwear, safety socks, safety helmets and safety covers, preferably all the equipments that are produced using the adsorption filter material or exhibits an adsorption filter material for the employment in the field of nuclear, biological and chemical safety wear; and (2) a filter and filter material of all kinds, preferably to remove contaminants, odors and toxins of all kinds, preferably from air and/or gas flows, like filters for nuclear, biological and chemical gas masks, odor filters, screen-type filters, air filters, particularly filters for purification of indoor air, adsorptive substrates and filters for the medical field that are produced using an adsorption filter material or that exhibits an adsorption filter material.


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