Hand sanitizer/sterilizer

Publication Date

August 23, 2006

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To inactivate bacteria adhered to an air filter and to suppress its breeding by constituting a plurality of vent passages of the filter by using electrified first nonwoven fabric and antiviral-treated second nonwoven fabric. SOLUTION: An air cleaner 19 has a main frame 51 formed with a handgrip 50. A duct collecting and deodorizing filter element 52, insulating cover 53, metal gauze electrode 54 and auxiliary frame 55 are stacked and contained in the frame 51 to sandwich the element 52. A wavy plate-like member 52a and a flat plate-like member 52b are formed of third nonwoven fabric obtained by laminating flat plate-like first nonwoven fabric obtained by heat embossing electrified polypropylene fiber and second nonwoven fabric adhered with chemicals containing chlorohexydine gluconate in the previous fabric. Thus, bacteria adhered to the filter is inactivated, and its breeding can be suppressed.

Hand sanitizer/sterilizer